Renovation Projects

Before and After pictures of some our projects.
New Way Contractors

But you knew that already...

it’s how we approach every project, regardless of size. You’re Way, by New Way.

Kitchen Ideas

Some beautiful examples of Kitchen renovations we've done.

Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom, Shower and Tub Home Renovations and more...

Fireplace Ideas

Some examples of warm, inviting fireplaces we’ve built for our customers.

Porch and Veranda ideas

Here are some examples of porch or veranda stone work we've done for some clients. Sometimes the smallest little face lift goes such a long way. Until next time, You New Way.

Exterior Side and Basement Entrance Ideas

Looking to add a side entrance for basement apartment or just easy access to's some installation completed by New Way Contractors based out of Toronto, Ontario. Until Next Time, Your New Way.